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Classification criteria for pressure gauges
- Sep 15, 2018 -

There are many kinds of pressure gauges, it has not only general (ordinary) pointer indicator type, but also digital type; not only the conventional type, but also the special type, not only the contact type, but also the remote transmission type, not only has the vibration-resistant type, but also has the anti-corrosion type; Pressure Gauge Series complete. It not only has a conventional series, there are digital series, not only the General Media application series, there are special media applications series, not only the switch signal series, as well as the remote signal series, and so on, they are from the practical needs, has formed a complete series. Pressure gauge specifications and models complete, the structure of the type is perfect. From the nominal diameter, there are φ40mm, Φ50mm, φ60mm, φ75mm, Φ100mm, φ150mm, φ200mm, φ250mm and so on. From the installation of the structure, there are direct installation, mounting and convex, wherein the embedded type is also divided into radial and axial embedded type, convex type has radial convex and axial convex mounted type. Direct mounting type, also divided into radial direct installation and axial direct mounting type. The radial direct installation is the basic type of installation, generally in the non-specified installation structure type, refers to the radial direct mounting type. Axial direct mounting considering the stability of its own support, generally only in the nominal diameter of less than 150mm pressure gauge is selected. The so-called flush and convex pressure gauges are what we often call a pressure gauge with an edge (mounting ring). Axial flush-mounted axial-edge, radial-mounted type refers to the path forward with the edge, radial convex (also called wall-mounted) is the diameter of the back with the side pressure gauge. From the measurement field and the range section, in the positive pressure field is divided into micro-pressure range section, low-voltage range section, Medium voltage Range section, high-voltage range section, ultra-high-voltage range section, each range section is subdivided into several kinds of measurement range (instrument range); In the negative pressure field (vacuum) There are 3 kinds of negative pressure Pressure gauge with positive pressure and negative pressure is a kind of pressure gauge in the span field. The name of the specification is a pressure vacuum gauge, also known as a vacuum pressure gauge. It can measure not only positive pressure, but also negative pressure. The accuracy class classification of pressure gauges is very clear. Common accuracy levels are 4, 2.5, 1.6, 1, 0.4, 0.25, 0.16, 0.1, and so on. The level of accuracy should generally be identified on its degree plate, and its identification is also relevant, such as "①" indicates that its accuracy level is 1 levels.

For some pressure gauges with low accuracy levels, such as those under Level 4, some do not need to measure their exact pressure values, only the pressure range, such as the pressure gauge on the extinguisher, can be identified without the accuracy rating.