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Description of the use of differential pressure gauges
- Sep 15, 2018 -

The instrument adopts double bellows structure, that is, two bellows are mounted on the symmetrical position on both sides of the "work"-shaped bracket respectively. The upper and lower ends of the frame of "gong" are the movable end and the fixed end respectively, and the middle is connected by the spring plate; two bellows are connected with the low pressure connector on the case, and the gear drive structure is mounted directly on the fixed end of the bracket.

It is connected with the movable retransmitting of the bracket and the plate is fixed directly on the gear drive mechanism.

When different pressure is applied (generally high pressure end above the low end), the force of the two bellows acting on the movable bracket is unequal, so that the displacement is produced, and the gear transmission mechanism is driven and amplified, the differential pressure indicated by the pointer deflection.