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How to install the pressure gauge
- Sep 15, 2018 -

Pressure gauge national standard "general pressure gauge" gb/t1226-2001 in the 4.1.2 instrument according to the threaded joint and installation method is divided into: Direct installation pressure gauge, embedded (plate) pressure gauge, convex (wall) pressure gauge.

1, the installation position of the pressure gauge should meet the requirements of the installation status, the dial should not be placed horizontally, the installation position should be convenient for staff observation.

2, the pressure gauge installation and pressure point distance should be as short as possible, to ensure the integrity of the sealing, can not appear leakage phenomenon.

3, in the installation of the front end of the pressure gauge should have a buffer, for easy inspection, under the instrument should be equipped with a cut-off valve, when the medium is dirty or pulse pressure, you can use filters, buffers and regulated gas.