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Key features of differential pressure indicators
- Sep 15, 2018 -

1. The housing adopts manganese steel

2. Accuracy of ±10% (UP) of full range

3. Maximum pointer can be manually adjusted 0-bit

4. Process Connection Screw


1. Security 

The needle is driven by magnetic force, the pressure element is completely isolated from the dial, which avoids the danger of leaking glass breakage.

Dial without pressure, repair or replacement do not need to isolate differential pressure gauges and pipelines.

2. Reliable

The maximum value of the differential pressure is set manually to reduce the risk of damage caused by sudden boost.

3. Diversity

Suitable for all pressure within the maximum pressure, can be arbitrarily changed position, do not need new calibration or adjustment.

4. Economic

The differential pressure gauge design does not require a branch or pressure balance valve, strong and lightweight, fully supported by the Tube oak, and maintenance-free.

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