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What is a differential pressure switch?
- Sep 15, 2018 -

The differential pressure switch is composed of 2 membrane box cavities, two cavities are sealed by two pieces of sealing diaphragm and a differential pressure diaphragm respectively. High-pressure and low-pressure respectively into the differential pressure switch of the high-pressure cavity and low-pressure cavity, feel the differential pressure to make the pressure sensitive diaphragm deformation, through the railing spring and other mechanical structure, the end of the final start of the micro-switch, so that the electrical signal output. Differential pressure switch sensing elements are divided into diaphragm and corrugated tube type, performance characteristics are also different. The differential pressure switch is composed of the sensing element, different principle and different performance.

Diaphragm type can be made into high hydrostatic pressure difference, and bellows because of their own resistance to low.