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Common Problems And Solutions Of Pressure Gauges
- Sep 15, 2018 -

The pressure gauge is made up of connectors, spring tubes, and several major components of the movement. The main welding of the pressure gauge is lead-zinc welding, silver welding, Argon arc welding, special welding and so on, the instrument clarinet normal work is 100,000 times.

Its working principle is through the deformation of the spring tube, the movement (fan-shaped teeth and the center gear work) led the pointer on the surface version of the scale to display the measured medium pressure.

Three common problems with pressure gauges during use:

1, Pressure gauge fan type gear work for a period of time will appear wear phenomenon;

2, pressure gauge pressure measurement system by the measured medium instantaneous overpressure impact, so that the pointer back to less than 0 or rushed to the limit under the nail;

3, the instrument pointer, after the system unloading pressure does not return 0 bits.

Three ways to solve the pressure gauge FAQs:

1, increase the fan-type gear contact width, increase the contact surface (that is, increase the gear modulus), in order to achieve anti-wear and increase the service life of the purpose;

2, in the instrument of the movement of the addition of a limit block, pressure measurement system in the moment when the movement of the cylinder gear and fan-type gear is not easy to remove, to solve the pressure gauge under impact pressure after the pointer does not return to 0 or the pointer is rushed to the back of the limit pin problem;

3, Impact pressure measurement system close the valve under the small pressure gauge.