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Differential Pressure Switch Technical Parameters
- Sep 15, 2018 -

Storage temperature: -54 to 71 degrees

Ambient temperature: -40 to 71 degrees, the ambient temperature varies 28 degrees, the set point typical drift value is less than 1% of the full scale

Set point repeatability: Temperature switch: For the adjustable range of plus or minus 2%

Pressure switch: 126-376,520-535,540-547,570-572,s126-s164b type: For the adjustable range of positive and negative

2%;440-457,550-559 Type: Adjustable range of positive and negative 1%;610-614 type for adjustable range of plus or minus 3%

Shock resistance: Can reproduce setpoint after 10 ms, 15G impact test.

Anti-vibration: After the vibration experiment of 2.5G and 5-500hz, the set point can be reproduced.

Housing: die-cast aluminum alloy shell, epoxy coating, gasket seal, clamp SCREW

Enclosure class: Meets NEMA 4X requirements

Switching output: One, two or three SPDT (SPDT) outputs, 100% can be set within the adjustment range, 521-524,

Type 531-534, type 50%;520,525,530,535,570-572, 30% switch can be connected to "normally open" or "normally closed" type

Electrical Rating: 15a,125/250/480vac, electrical switch not used in DC power supply form

Weight: 3-7.5 lbs; (varies by model)

Electrical interface: 1 x 3/4 "NPT, two 7/8" diameter knock-out hole

Pressure interface: 1/4 "nptf:s126b-s164b type, type 520-535:1/2" npft;540-547 type; 1/8 "NPTF

Temperature components: The E-series uses the same components as the F-series, but the range is limited by the reference scale bulb and capillary; 6 feet long, 304 stainless steel in-line: 120 and 121 type: Nickel plated brass, also available in 316L stainless steel

Filling: Type 1BS: filling solvent: 2bs-8bs; filling non-toxic oil

Temperature dead Zone: Under laboratory conditions, the F series is a full range of 1%,e series 2%

Differential pressure indicator: Suitable for the 147-s157b type of j400k,j402k, the approximate accuracy of 50% range is 1.5%, 3% on both sides of the end point;

The indicator window is a flexible glass material: The indicator can be adjusted on site, the accuracy of the set point range of 1%