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Key Float Switch
- Sep 15, 2018 -

The key type float switch is a high sealing performance float switch manufactured using the patented technology of the Italian Maharishi company.

This product is suitable for the control liquid pump work, regulates the liquid level, but also can be installed in the submersible pump to control and protect the motor.

1. Scope of application

Kev type float switch can be matched with a variety of liquid pumps, widely used in water supply, drainage, fire, environmental protection and other fields, as well as corrosive liquids in the liquid level automatic control.

2. Performance parameters

(1) Rated working voltage: 220V;

(2) rated operating current: 8A (cosφ=0.8);

(3) Medium temperature: 0~80℃;

(4) Control level accuracy <3mm;

(5) Electrical life: 100,000 times.

3. Structure The key type float switch includes a float body, a miniature switch set in the float body, and a drive mechanism that switches the switch on and off, as well as a three-core cable connected to the micro switch. The flat float body is formed by docking the plastic shells of the two halves of the shell. Sealing mouth, good sealing effect. float body and Control cable interface, the installation of multi-channel sealing layer, can effectively prevent liquid infiltration. In the float inside the plastic groove, with solid steel ball running path of the ball running track groove, both to prevent the physical steel ball running deviation, but also to eliminate the liquid level fluctuations caused by the solid steel rolling ball rolling, thereby effectively ensuring the drive mechanism in the entire floating switch normal work reliability. In the flat float, the top of the ball is fitted with a microswitch, and the two holes of the microswitch can be worn on two plastic columns, acting as a stationary microswitch. The plastic lever is fixed on the support point of the lever activity, and the plastic lever is pressed to close or loosen the contact block of the microswitch by means of the active support point under the action of the steel ball, so that the dynamic point of the Microswitch is closed, the dynamic breakpoint is disconnected or the moving point is disconnected. Dynamic breakpoint closed alternating change, signaling to achieve the purpose of automatic control water level. Some micro-switches are fitted with two sets of dynamic-fit points. When the steel ball is in the middle position of the running track groove, the two groups of dynamic points are disconnected. When the steel ball is at one end of the running track slot, the Microswitch has a set of dynamic closing points, and the other one is disconnected. Different closed states can be selected according to the need of automatic control.

[2] 4. Dimensions and Specifications

Key type floating switch float body size is 132mmx81mmx41mm, the cable diameter is φ8.8mm±0.15mm, its length is divided into 2, 3, 5, 10, 15m.