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Note On The Use Of Pressure Gauges
- Sep 15, 2018 -

1, the instrument must be vertical: The installation should use 17mm wrench tightening, should not be strong torsion of the case, transport should avoid collisions;

2, the instrument should be used in the ambient temperature of-25~55℃;

3, using the Working environment vibration frequency <25hz, the amplitude is not more than 1mm;

4, the use of the ambient temperature is too high, the meter indicates that the value does not return to 0 or appear the value of the super-difference, the upper case sealing rubber plug cut open, so that the instrument cavity and the atmosphere can be communicated;

5, instrument use range, should be in the upper limit of 1/3~2/3 between;

6, in the measurement of corrosive media, possible crystallization of the medium, viscosity of the larger medium should be added isolation device;

7, the instrument should be regularly checked (at least once every three months), if found fault should be repaired in time;

8, the instrument from the date of the factory, six months if the normal use of storage under the conditions of failure or damage caused by the quality of the manufacturing, by the company responsible for repair or exchange;

9, the need to measure the corrosive medium of the instrument, in order to indicate the requirements of the conditions.