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The Main Structure Of The Pressure Gauge
- Sep 15, 2018 -

Overflow hole: In the event of an emergency of a bourdon tube burst, the internal pressure will be released to the outside through the overflow hole to prevent the glass panel from bursting.

Note: In order to maintain the normal performance of the overflow hole, it is necessary to leave at least 10mm of space behind the table and not to retrofit or plug the overflow hole.

Pointers: Other pointers are optional, in addition to the standard pointers.

Glass panel: In addition to standard glass, other special material glass, such as tempered glass, non-reflective glass is also optional.

Performance classification: normal (standard), steam with the ordinary (M), heat-resistant (H), vibration-resistant type (V), Steam-resistant type (MV) heat-resistant vibration type (HV).

Treatment: No oil/water treatment at the time of manufacture to remove the residue in the fluid or oil in the wetted parts.

External loading designation: In addition to the standard color, the housing color should be specified. Throttle Valve (optional): In order to reduce the pulsating pressure, the throttle valve is installed at the pressure entrance.