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Three Experts Of Measurement And Testing Visited TIANEN
- Nov 13, 2018 -

In the beautiful season of autumn, on 31th October 2018, TIANEN was honored to welcome three experts of Measurement and Testing from East China National Metrology and Testing Center, Shanghai Testing Center, Shanghai Institute of Metrology and Testing Technology.

Three experts visited Tianen to discuss the collection of novel products with internationalization and provide data for the metrology industry. This will be a very important thing for filling the domestic gap. The experts carefully analyzed the whole process and the accuracy of the calibration equipment of the finished machine and semi-finished products and accessories. The three experts shared their expertise and rich experience. The difference between domestic and foreign industries and various precisions. Mr. Zhao Zhangliang, General Manager of Tianen, reported on the performance and details of the products and the concept of continuous innovation. During the past years, TIANEN has gained the trust of the same industry manufacturers in many countries in the world and became a long-term cooperation OEM manufacturer. Experts agreed that the long-term inspection data of TIANEN in the past meets the accuracy requirements, and the performance is excellent and credible.

After the survey, the three senior metrology experts listened to the report of the company manager Mr. Zhao, and encouraged Tianen to continue to improve in production and venues, and win the trust of the partners with quality and brand. Through continuous self-transcendence, TIANEN continues to be the boutique local brand and benchmark of the 2000 differential pressure gauges in the industry.

After the investigation and discussion, the experts agreed to consider the differential pressure gauges of Tianen Meter into the "micro-pressure difference specification" drafted in the same year. In the meantime, Tianen was invited to draft the calibration regulation of the differential pressure products. This is the honor and encouragement of TIANEN!