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Use Of Differential Pressure Gauges
- Sep 15, 2018 -

Scope: 0-60PA, 0-±60PA, 0-125pa, 0--±125pa, 0-250pa, 0-±250pa, 0-500PA, 0-750PA and other 81 range of specifications.

Pressure limit: -68kpa~103kpa

Maximum overvoltage: 172KPa (High voltage option over voltage up to 551.6KPa)

Accuracy: ±2%F.S.O.

Outer: 120.65x55.56mm

Weight: 460g Standard accessories: two x 1/8 "NPT plugs for two pressure nozzles, two 1/8" Pipe thread for use with rubber fittings.

Three countersunk mount connectors with bolts (mounting ring, press-stud retainer for replacement of three connectors on medium voltage and high pressure gauge accessories).